The Victory Garden

by The Commonwealth

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    releases April 22, 2017

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Birthday Song
Morning Star
Hyacinth Girl
Four Darks and Red
Danse Macabre
A 3D Printed Gun


Primarily recorded live at Suma Recording Studio under the guidance of Paul Hamann, lead engineer on The Black Keys' Attack & Release, The Victory Garden stands as The Commonwealth’s definitive recording.

Across this 46 minute LP, The Commonwealth marries their ever-evolving loud chamber pop aesthetic with lyrics that question our ability to trust, relate to and love one another in an era marked by social division and an overabundance of information.


releases April 22, 2017

Composed, Performed & Produced by The Commonwealth

The Commonwealth is:
Patrick Burke, Andrew Kuhar & Nicholas Kuhar

Live Musicians:
Jake Chandler & Brian Rudary

With the assistance of:
Max Brady, Megan Cox & Megan Poletti Kuhar

(See individual songs for specific liner notes)

Lyrics by Andrew Kuhar & Nicholas Kuhar

Recorded at:
Suma Recording Studio (August 2015 & April 2016)
Tri-C Tommy LiPuma Center for Creative Arts (November 2015)
Baldwin Wallace University Conservatory of Music (December 2016)
The Painted Lady Sound Studios (December 2016)
Our homes, in & around Cleveland, OH (May - December 2016)

Recorded by:
Paul Hamann, Dave Piatek & The Commonwealth
With the assistance of Megan Poletti Kuhar

Mixed by:
Dave Piatek

Visual Design by:
Hilary Bovay, Andrew Kuhar & Nicholas Kuhar
Art Direction by The Commonwealth

Inspired by the work of John Stezaker

Sourced artwork & photography courtesy of:
The Michael Schwartz Library at Cleveland State University, The New York Public Library, and The Metropolitan Museum of Art



all rights reserved


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The Commonwealth Cleveland, Ohio

We are The Commonwealth, a group of young men with a Protestant work ethic and a winning smile. We are also grass-fed and cage-free.

(Photograph by Hilary Bovay)

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Track Name: Versailles
Alex, I know, we said we’d leave America,
Beeline for all we see of us in art nouveau,
North of Chamonix, where I’m still cheap
And you were feeling low.
Four Calvados should ruin us,
Enough to ask, “What if I let go?”

The west, you know, is filled with gold,
But I won’t find you there -– (it’s just) a feeling that I have,
Based on mid-class talk through old Midwest exhausts.
In Dead Lou’s Hall of Mirrors
We might have lived forever.

Alex, I’m bored, and busy writhing on the floor –
It’s no wonder why nobody lasts long in Versailles
Things have probably changed,
I know I am not the same
Maybe–probably–it wouldn’t kill either of us
To leave, and tally who’s lost

It’s too bad
We have a lot to lose:
Siblings all but dead,
Good jobs,
Endless debt,
Lists of what I want
With stars near my least favorite ones –
Man, I swear, you’re drunk, you’re drunk, you’re drunk…

You were so bizarre, pretending that I’m far
And I was like you then, just fearless of death
You get so bizarre, when I’m a little lost